About ARTSdpc®

bayinapotraitWelcome to ARTSdpc® and Associates! In our many years of experience in planning events and working with artists we’ve never found anything more enjoyable than a room full of laughter and smiling faces at a well planned event.  Whether it’s a group of friends or co-workers having a reception; taking an afternoon bus tour of a major city; or a couple having an evening out; nothing is more appreciated by so many than a really good time and amusement.

Meeting the needs of visual and performing artists is a priority of ARTSdpc® and we do it with style, grace and professionalism. Our consulting firm takes pride in specializing in socially conscious projects that uplift humanity by contributing to the greater good.  Therefore we at ARTSdpc® have made our company mandate a simple one. We strive to provide our clients with exactly what they want; the right the location, the perfect ambiance, and the entertainment that satisfies their audience. We cordially invite you browse our website, and we promise that after viewing it you will contact us again and again.

Founder Baiyina Abadey

Baiyina Abadey is a seasoned management consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the field of arts production, promotion, and events planning; and along with her firm they are here to meet your every need.  ARTSdpc® organizes people and events, from a personal intimate setting, to a major live production; and currently represents jazz musicians, a Filmographer, vocalists, and visual artists specializing in Wearable Art designs.

She has previously worked in the area of human capital management predominately in higher education, training, personal development, and administrative consultancy services, in New York State, the District of Columbia and Maryland.