Baiyina Abadey

Baiyina Abadey is a seasoned management consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the field of arts production, promotion, and events planning. She has a passion for progressive music, fine art, and vegetarian gourmet cuisine, as well as a keen interest to attain higher levels of spiritual consciousness and optimum health. Baiyina is the founder of ARTSdpc® which organizes people and events, from a personal intimate setting, to a major live production; and she currently represents Jazz musicians, a filmmaker, vocalists, and visual artists specializing in mosaic and Wearable Art designs

Baiyina Abadey, an activist, nurturer, sister-friend, daughter, lover, and mother, great and grand, always is there to uplift and support. The sixth of seven children, she grew up in New York State but has made the Washington, DC, metropolitan area her home for the past 40+ years. Abadey retired as the Deputy Director of the Howard University Center for Urban Progress in 2010, where she managed the research and urban development initiatives. During her 25-year tenure at Howard she held a few administrative positions and earned a master’s degree in organization communications.

Baiyina has previously worked in the area of human capital management predominately in higher education, training, personal development, and administrative consultant services, in New York State, the District of Columbia and Maryland