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Ada is a producer, director and writer with over twenty years experience in video and film production. In the early nineties, she founded Jezebel Filmworks; a production service company which was the impetus for her independently produced a half-hour docu-drama on hair entitled Middle Passage -N- Roots. This video originally shot on 16mm film, explores the diverse opinions, identity concerns, and styles of black hair. It was selected as part of Showtime Network’s 1998 Black Filmmaker’s showcase.

ada m babino

Film & Video Works:

Middle Passage -N- Roots (:30/ color/1995/V)

Eracism (:05/short/2006/V)

I don’ Been Through The Snake’s Skin and Come Out Clean (:56/2010/V)

Other Film & Video Works:

Shirley Horn: Sassared & Blowed (for BET– 45/1999/V)
Blues & Dreams (for BET – 57:20/2004/V)
Anticipation (:10/color/1988/V)

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